Welder Gallery

Welders join or sever metals in beams, girders, vessels, piping and other metal components, make metal parts used in construction and manufacturing plants, and weld parts, tools, machines and equipment.The duration of trade is one year with two semester of six months each. Welders use different welding processes and fillers depending upon the type of metal, its size and shape, and requirements for finished product strength.

Eligibility criteria
08th pass is the minimum qualification required to pursue this course.

Skills Required:
 Manual dexterity.
 Good vision (glasses are acceptable).
 Eye-hand coordination.
 The ability to concentrate on detailed work.
 Patience.

Job opportunities:
ITI passed welders have diverse job opportunities available in front of them. They have access to both private sector and government sector jobs. Besides that, self employment is another opportunity available in front of them.

  Private Sector Recruiters   Government Sector Recruiters   Self-employment opportunities
  • Ship building and repair.   • Ordinance factory.   • Starting own work shop.
 • Tata Engineering.  • Ship builders.  
 • Many work opportunities in gulf countries.   • Technician Grade-III Railway Workshop.  
  • Production and manufacturing industries.  • Municipal Corporations.  
 • Heavy Construction.   • NTPC/ BHEL.  
 • Fabrication job   • ONGC  
 • Auto mobile industries.